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Good Light Productions, LLC

Shining the Light on the Stories That Shape Us

Our mission is to create a sanctuary where untold stories get told and illuminate the shared spaces of our human experience. We celebrate and nurture beautifully diverse narratives that have waited too long in the wings.

Empowerment Through Performance

Our stage is a beacon for stories long overshadowed, illuminating tales that resonate with truth, diversity, and the vibrancy of the human spirit. Here, every voice finds its echo, every narrative its audience.

Join us in celebrating the transformative power of theater and spoken word, as we uplift voices and forge connections through the art of storytelling. Your journey into the heart of untold stories begins here.


Precious Metals: Beauty in Brokenness

Carolyn Harrison's deeply moving solo play beautifully navigates the complexity of human emotion, asserting that even amidst our brokenness, beauty permeates every facet of life.

Through a compelling portrayal of multiple characters, Harrison masterfully uncovers the inherent beauty that exists within our flaws and trials. Her narrative is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, inviting audiences to find splendor in the most unexpected places and moments.

Our Latest Projects

Dive into the heart of our latest productions, where each show is a journey into the resilience of the human spirit and the complex tapestry of our lives.

Our current lineup invites audiences to explore themes of hope, identity, and liberation through compelling narratives and innovative storytelling. Join us in experiencing the power of theater to connect, challenge, and transform.

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Immersing yourself in the heart of storytelling, our programs offer a dynamic platform for those eager to dive deep into the realms of theater and spoken word. With a focus on collaboration and creativity, performers will engage in enriching experiences that not only hone their skills but also significantly amplify diverse voices and narratives across the artistic spectrum.

Attend a Workshop

Our workshops serve as a crucible for creativity, designed to inspire participants from all walks of life. Here, exploration and education converge, offering a unique space to learn, grow, and connect. Participants are emboldened to push the boundaries of their artistic expression, crafting a foundation for storytelling that leaves a lasting impact.

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Supporting our cause means championing the untold stories that resonate with the essence of human experience. Contributions play a pivotal role in sustaining our mission, enabling us to continue creating spaces where creativity flourishes and diverse stories are celebrated. Explore the various ways to donate and join us in supporting our cause.

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