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About Us

Carolyn E. Harrison

Founder, Executive Producer

Carolyn E. Harrison, Founder and Executive Producer at Good Light Productions, has leveraged her BA, MA, and M.Div into a diverse 25-year career spanning arts education, acting, directing, playwriting, and producing. Her experience includes pivotal roles in artistic administration at the John Houseman Acting Company and developing youth works at the Carpetbag Theatre Company. Carolyn has enriched arts education in Detroit, Spokane, and Knoxville, and chaired theater departments in two NAIS schools, developing curricula that launched over 30 plays and musicals.

Presently, she channels her vast experience into producing theater that nurtures life, drawing inspiration from her proudest role as a mother to three community-contributing adults.

Tabitha Matthews

Artistic Director

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Artistic Director Tabitha Matthews's passion for theater was kindled in the Mosaic Youth Theater, leading her to a BA in Liberal Arts with a theater concentration from Columbia College Chicago. Her professional journey includes acclaimed performances with theater companies like M’PAACT and Congo Square in Chicago. With over 15 years in community arts leadership, Tabitha has significantly impacted arts accessibility and engagement.

Currently, as the Administrative Director for Project Broadway in New York, she brings her wealth of experience to Good Light Productions, directing significant works and contributing to drama ministry alongside her life in New Rochelle with her family.

What We Do

Showcase Diversity

Celebrating the diversity of human stories, we focus on highlighting a spectrum of cultural narratives and perspectives through our productions. This commitment ensures a richer dialogue and a deeper understanding among audiences, fostering an inclusive community of storytellers and viewers.

Empower Creatives

We empower artists by providing a nurturing space for their creative expressions. By supporting their unique voices, we help bring innovative and thought-provoking works to life, encouraging exploration and growth, and inviting creatives to explore uncharted territories in the arts and storytelling.

Nurture Talent

Dedicated to the development of emerging talent, we offer workshops that equip aspiring artists with the skills, experience and confidence needed for their artistic journey. Our programs are designed to inspire and guide creative individuals towards realizing their full potential in the arts.

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